About Us

About Us2

Our expertise is based on working with global technology companies, helping them to use finance to create competitive advantage, manage risk and optimise financial performance. For more than twenty five years our consultants have been at the forefront of innovating and implementing financing programmes for the technology sector. Recently we have used this expertise to address new markets such as energy and recycling.

With all of our clients we adopt the same, proven approach:

  • We take time to understand the organisation, its objectives and its financing requirements. We work hard to gain a deep understanding of the business needs
  • We develop financing programmes that help our clients to increase revenues, lower costs, reduce risks, optimise cash, simplify internal processes and improve return on capital.
  • We invest expertise and resources in the ongoing relationship, share the benefits and aim to create a sustainable, mutually beneficial partnership.

Our goal is to create a long term relationship with clients who value our expertise and commitment.