Renewables and Energy

renewablesSociety is becoming increasingly worried about climate change and the impact carbon emissions are having on our environment. In the UK, the government is addressing these problems through the introduction of tough new legislation, incentives and targeted taxation.

In addition to these government driven initiatives, organisations are struggling to cope with a global energy marketplace which is volatile, failing to meet peak demands, subject to disruption by international events, loosely regulated and increasingly expensive.

Energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are not the only concerns. Making better use and distribution of our limited natural resources, such as water, is also a priority.

To meet these challenges business needs to invest in new technology and new ways of working. However, a lack of budget means this important investment is often delayed or constrained. How can Quartz help to address this problem?

At Quartz we have entered into partnerships with companies to deliver renewable energy, energy efficiency and water saving/recycling technologies for industry, the service sector and government. Implementing these technologies requires investment, which Quartz can finance. Our aim is to help customers invest now to save for the future.

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